October’s festive claim to fame is the Halloween season.  We get the whole month to build up anticipation and excitement of costumes, candy, and socializing. October also offers a rapid change in weather as the heat descends into a cool, crisp chilliness. A charge of mystery fills the air. Between the darker, mysterious side of Halloween and the inner chill of plunging temperatures, October is an apt month to discuss shadow and shadow behaviors.

Think back to all those literature classes of education past. Theme after theme tells us humans struggle. Do you remember the types of conflict your high school lit teacher covered; man vs. man, man vs. self, and man vs. nature? Of these three, only man vs. self is considered an internal conflict. Internal conflict is when a character comes across new information that challenges his/her personal understanding. A ripple in the status quo. How the character chooses to respond shows ability for personal growth. The ever-present shadow keeps conflict generating and allows opportunity for personal growth to be readily available.  Those who deny growth and cling to the diminishing familiar way of thinking, could be called tragic characters.  The shadow is always with us, no human is exempt.

Most people who enter the Clarity process have a higher and more readily accessible level of awareness.  They are ready to look at their shadow behavior knowing it will boost a faster acceleration towards their vision.  Recognizing shadow brings clarity.

As you go through this time, also keep in mind which above the line, lights-on behaviors work best in your river’s journey.