It’s All in Your Perspective

(Reading about six-word stories gave me an idea for a creative editing/writing exercise to reduce some of my earlier blogs to 200 words, as well as, the six-word version that follows.)

Changing your perspective can change your energy. A cool little consulting assignment I’ve had for some time changed the amount I am paid. My first reaction was anger at the “unfairness”, fear of lost revenue, and quite frankly, feeling undervalued.

Here’s what’s interesting. My client’s decision is a valid business one. It’s not personal. I have said I want to find replacement contract work. This is the incentive to take action.

It was taking me a little too long to have this perspective come alive energetically so I walked down and told Cathy the news. Her instant reply, “Well, you have said you wanted to find replacement revenue. Now’s your chance.” That’s the difference between having cellular learning and still practicing.

A few years ago, a client said we should call ourselves perspective changers. He thought one of the changes he wanted in his life was to get a divorce. After focusing his daily thoughts on what really energized him, he began to see the positive in every situation. He discovered the problem with his marriage wasn’t his wife, “it was me.”

Focusing your thoughts on what enlivens you—in this moment—gives you the opportunity to see everything from a more effective perspective.

Maintaining positive perspective,


Six word version: Change your perspective. May be you.