This has always been a troubling phrase for me. While I believe this is sometimes true, it’s the lack of clarity about the reason that troubles me.

For example, one year ago two expensive bikes and a few other items were stolen from our garage. Realizing the romance of having them was more joyful than the actuality of riding them; we didn’t replace either Cathy’s cruiser or my mountain bike.

Three weeks ago, the police called. Both bikes were recovered. We experienced multiple reactions – humorous glee the bad guys didn’t win this time; gratitude for the police and computerized records; happiness that we would again see our once beloved bikes; and serious questioning whether we really wanted them back.

“Maybe they were returned for a reason,” Cathy said.

“What’s the reason?” I asked.

We batted some ideas back and forth.

  • We need to exercise more by riding them. (Maybe, but been there, done that, would rather walk.)
  • Since we no longer want them, we are to donate them to charity.
  • It’s a sign to sell them, and use the proceeds to buy Gary a new Kindle or MacBook or watch. (I suggested this possibility.)
  • We are supposed to sell them, and give the proceeds to charity. (Cathy suggested this.)
  • We should just enjoy having them back as garage art.
  • We needed our faith in the effectiveness of law enforcement renewed.
  • We are being blessed for our good work in the world.

Maybe, just maybe, the bikes were returned merely to give me a topic for a blog. I’m going with this one.

The universe may not always give us clear clues for the reason something happens. Although I find the lack of huge, capital letter answers frustrating, I’ve always learned my big lessons by pondering the question and discovering for myself why something happened. Sometimes my answer is who the hell knows, and I let it go, realizing my lesson is simply the practice of letting go. More times than not, however, my inquiry gives me a deeper understanding of myself and my life.

But in terms of the bikes, the real lesson was the one I learned last year when they were first stolen. Be damn certain I close the garage door! Getting them back is just interesting.

Looking at the reasons,