To manifest the life you want or to create any experience you want requires that you set your clear intention before you begin.  There is a formula to follow for getting what you want and manifesting your dream.  It involves using all the tools you have learned on your Clarity journey:  Intention + Attention + Action + Release the Outcome = Manifestation of Your Vision.

Intention: You set your intention having a clear, lights-on vision for what you want.  You write down your vision, stating fully what you want—not what you don’t want.  It is also important to have a visual representation of your vision to remind you often of what you want: vision maps, lists of lights-on clues, and bridge plans are all part of setting your intention.

Attention:  You focus your attention on creating your vision.  What you focus on expands, gaining more and more of your attention, so you need to focus only on what you want. Allow yourself time to visualize often what you want to create. Using rapid discovery and rapid recovery will help you keep your attention on what you are creating.
Action: You step directly into action that is aligned with your vision, following the lights-on action steps on your bridge plan.  The action steps must energize you, so that your experience as an energy detective will help you discern which action steps to take yourself and which ones to delegate to others.  Watch for clues: Is there effort involved in what you’re doing, or does it flow easily? High noticing and observing resistance will serve you well here.
Release the outcome: Putting all your energy into forcing the results you want will keep you from seeing a better version of your dream if that’s what appears. Practice the mantra: “I was clear about my intention, and what showed up is perfect”—whatever it is.