In the river towards our vision, the journey will require many action steps.  These steps arise from statements made in present time that will ultimately serve your vision. Action statements reaffirm your intention and make it grow stronger.  In addition they:

1. Allows for Celebrations As you sail one more inch closer to your goal,  making new action steps along the way allow for a reason to celebrate and show gratitude.  It’s progress and progress feels good.  Making statements and taking steps break up that seemingly long path.

2. Reminder of Intention and Purpose Keep your eye on that proverbial ball!  Being present helps you follow the journey game.  Are you in the present moment with your vision’s intention and purpose?  Having a current statement of action will get back in the game if you’ve strayed.

3. Refocus and Review Action statements have a built in review process.  Taking an action is a big step using time and energy.   Forming a statement before taking big steps allows you to refocus on your vision.  Review where you’ve been and refocus on where you’re going.