As forward thinking entrepreneurs, we understand having a bridge plan means taking steps towards our vision.  Bridges serve as ushers delivering us closer to our ultimate goal.   And the possibility for crossing many bridges on the journey to our vision is great.  Consider the following pointers:

Choices Bring Us New Bridges: Bridge plans may pop up with only a moment’s notice in the form of a choice.  When Tara received a bigger tax return then she was expecting, she immediately hopped online to buy a ticket to South America.  Tara’s online seed business was well on its way to success, and Tara reasoned an exotic trip could bring her find exotic seeds.  However, without the much needed brochures to market her business, new seeds wouldn’t do much good.  Tara’s choice point lead her to a bridge.  Here she developed a new plan towards her vision,  ultimately deciding to invest her money into marketing.

Bridge Plans Cut the Overgrowth:  On our journey bumps come along.  Bridge plans can serve as a way to remove any bumps or overgrowth making our path sludge like.  When Dan decided to leave his position as an engineer to pursue his dream of opening a sushi restaurant, his boss asked if he would stay for one more assignment.  To sweeten the deal, Dan was offered a nice sized bonus.  Although Dan had his heart set on leaving, he knew this bonus would pay off all his remaining debt, making his restaurant endeavor a financial breeze.  Extending the deadline of his employment turned into a bridge plan.  In the end it made the most financial sense clearing a path to financial freedom.

Bridge Plan Are Not Blocks; We may fall into a pattern of self-criticism and negativity, if the time it takes to complete our journey doesn’t come fast enough.  Tara and Dan could have looked at their situations as blocks.  Tara needed new seeds and didn’t get them.  Dan had to stay at his job a little longer.  Neither of these views are productive in the grand scheme of their journey maps.  See bridge plans for what they are; steps that progress you to your vision.