“You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one.” Imagine, John Lennon.

One of the primary tools for creating a life pulsating with vitality and vigor is to have a big vision, a big dream for creating the life you want; then holding on to that dream no matter what. Having a goal that enlivens you, that makes your heart sing whenever you talk or think about it is a critical energizing element for staying fully alive today.

In the last few weeks, Cathy and I were able to experience the energy of a group of people who live their lives creating and taking action on their big dreams. We met with Clarity alumni in Las Vegas and Seattle. Many of these people have been clients of Clarity for 10 – 15 years.  The aliveness in a room of lights-on people is palpable.

As we were sharing, we observed again the power of lights-on thinking. Some people were on to brand new big dreams, others were living their dream and happily aware of that. Some spoke of being ready to create a new big dream. Everyone was lights-on because for 10 – 15 years they have practiced above-the-line thinking, continued to create and move toward a bigger dream, and spend the majority of their daily life thinking and acting positively.

They each used the thoughts of the big dream to bring energy into the moment. They trusted the fact that being positively alive was invaluable to living the life of peak experiences that is necessary to achieve big dreams. This fact alone helps them continue to create and discover big dream after big dream.

There’s also science behind the value of focusing your daily thoughts on your most expansive vision. Whether you are in the middle of living that dream or it’s currently a figment of your imagination, your thoughts about it exercise the same neural pathways in your brain. It is this daily neural exercise that fires the brain, enlivens your heart and provides energetic stimulation to your current day. Whether you are currently living the dream or dreaming about living the dream, the energetic impulses are the same.

(I could have saved time, money and relationships if I’d understood earlier that the desire for something new – cars, jobs, relationships – was energetically as powerful as changing my perceived lacking reality. Lusting after a new car, energetically, brings the same positive mental energy as buying it; and it’s cheaper.)

Of course, taking action and living your big dream is more energizing than dreaming about it. However, on a daily basis, your primary work is to stay fully alive and energized. Dreaming helps do that.

What is the big dream that fuels your energy? Do you consciously think about it every day in a positive way, knowing and trusting it will become reality? Celebrate those thoughts and the vibrancy they bring into this present moment.

Whenever you want (to increase your aliveness) all you have to do is dream, dream, dream (with apologizes to the Everly Brothers).