For a period of time in the early 80’s I owned what I consider to be the best car in the world – a Porsche 911. During this time of pure, adrenaline driving joy, I acquired a bakers dozen speeding tickets in five states. (Hey, remember the speed limit was reduced by misdirected, governmental interference to 55 mph; that’s first gear in a Porsche.)

Wisdom, economics and a desire to retain driving privileges required me to sell the car – with a personal promise to own another in my lifetime. Over the intervening years, my Porsche desire never really left my mind, however for various reasons I purchased other great cars that were equally fun to drive.

“If I win the lottery, my first stop is the Porsche dealer” has been a catch phrase of mine for years. As a result, I have received several Porsche paperweights and other trinkets as vision placeholders.

A couple of months ago, I purchased a new VW Beetle Turbo R. I joked with a car guy friend that if I lean my head a certain way and really squinted, I can see the lines of a Porsche in the car – so I named her – Portia.

My New Beetle R

After all these years, I have my other Portia, just as I envisioned. I never let go of the dream. However, at almost 70 years of age, with acquired wisdom and diminished motor skills, I no longer need a car that goes from 0 – 60 in under 4 seconds.

The lesson I’ve learned about life visions is that you never give up on a passionate dream that sings to your heart. Life changing circumstances, maturity, and timing may delay the dream’s full realization, but you never give it up. However, you also need to recognize when your vision has appeared, albeit in different form and shape.

While what shows up may not perfectly align with your willful, I’m-in-control, picture of what you originally wanted, it may meet the essence of your dream. Releasing the outcome of the details will allow you to see that what shows up has all the qualities you asked for.

What the 1982 Porsche represented to me was a very quick, responsive, put-me-back-in-the-seat thrill that never failed to give me joy. Portia does that for me in a manner more in keeping to my current ability to control forward thrust.

If I win the lottery, I will pick up the winnings in my Portia,