Several years ago, Cathy and I were conducting a workshop with another trainer, Allison. Whenever we work with someone else, we always do a grounding check-in before we begin our work. Allison had brought her 11-year old son, Jack, with her, so he participated in the check-in as well. Our check-in process always includes expressions of what we are grateful for. Normally, in the interest of time, each of us usually say only one thing.

A couple of months later, Allison called and said that Jack had an improvement to our Clarity check-in process. He had been doing the check-in every day since we met. It had helped him stay present during his day at school. However, he found it much more powerful when he expressed at least 5 things he was grateful for. “Mom, everyone has 5 things they are grateful for.” So, he wanted his mother to tell us to change our process and never say less than 5 gratitudes each time.

Jack, I’m grateful to you for improving our process and giving me an idea for this Thanksgiving blog.

I am grateful:

Willie Nelson is still creating great music and wise philosophy at 80.

I met a 95-year-old man lifting weights at the gym today. Gives me hope and incentive.

There has been little snow in Denver. I can still drive my seasonal sports car.

For my sweet granddaughters, Riley and Elaina; and that they love visiting their Grandpa.

For our handyman, Buddy; when we need a man who can actually do things around the house, we can call Buddy.

My son, Cory, is a true example of father and husband.

My daughter-in-law, Allison, is a true example of mother and wife.

I am married to Cathy. She warms my heart with love and positive presence every day.

When I married Cathy, I also married a business – Clarity – that gives me a purpose and a way to be a contribution to the world.

Our new home will serve us for many years to come.

The Salvation Army truck picks up the huge pile of stuff we no longer want or need; and we have even more to give away.

For the success of our workshop, SHIFT; Leaders are using the tools to create more effective teams and cultures by creating a peak experience in the workplace. (I’m also grateful for this opportunity to sneak in a little marketing.)

What a rush of gratitude energy! I could go on and on (you may be grateful that I’m limiting myself to under 500 words).

What are you grateful for today? Remember Jack’s advice and express at least five. Send me your list. I would love to see it.