As the Super Bowl approaches, it can hold different importance to the many people involved.  It holds value for those hedging bets as well as for those simply rooting on their favorite team.  As the game comes to a close and one team is clearly at a disadvantage, spectators offer all sorts of helpful advice to get that losing team back in action.  What is the best game changing advice?  However the Super Bowl turns out and whether the game changer works is yet to be seen.  At Clarity, we specialize in game changing advice as well. A large and helpful tool in the Clarity process is the mantra.  Words are powerful and can change the way we see, think about, and approach situations.

The mantra helps us refocus and regenerate even if the words don’t quite have our attitude’s full support when we begin saying it.  By shifting the mind’s approach towards a situation or problem, a newer and more productive outcome can emerge.  The mantra holds a special place in this ability.

A well-formed mantra includes the following:

  1. Name of Helper – This is called an invocation and asks those spiritual touchstones to help out.  Whatever ethereal guidance you turn to in times of need are the same for the mantra.  Animal Guides? Angels? Deceased relatives?  Say their names first as if you talking directly to them.
  1. Positive Statement – Whatever outcome you desire in the affirmative form comes next.  Do not focus on what you don’t want, state and therefore bring in what you DO want.
  1. Certainty in Closure – End the mantra with certainty and knowingness that it will come to pass.  “So It Is.”  Or “Amen.”

Repeat this mantra as many times a day you feel may be helpful.  Root for yourself in your own personal Super Bowl and feel the power of the cheering section supporting you.