Once you’ve read the book being written in your mind, it’s time to evaluate.  Are your thoughts above the line and supportive of your “lights on” vision?  If not, create a new thought or write a new plot.

NPR’s, Car Talk, recently took a call from a man having a disagreement with his wife.  His wife wanted a newer, safer Cadillac, rather than the twenty-year-old Volvo she’d been driving.  The man didn’t think a newer car was necessary, then proceeded to list off every accident his wife had ever been in.  “We’ll get her a new car, but she’ll just end up running it into something.”  No doubt both he and his wife have spent lots of time with a “car destruction” belief going through their heads.  Perhaps the woman could refocus her idea about herself to create a new storyline.  Then share it with her husband until he understands it.  “Cadillacs are safe cars and only safe driver’s own them.  Therefore, I am a safe driver.”  She can stop the thought that creates repetitive behavior patterns, by instead refocusing on something she’d rather experience.

You are in charge and can alter your life.   Start by observing where your thoughts are, then lead them to the outcome you wish to have.  Setbacks happen, the important part is to notice when you’ve lost your editorial position over the book being written in your mind, then regain seniority.

Live Lights On!

Cathy & Gary Hawk