When we read a book, we may get emotionally involved with the plot, characters, and setting, but at the end of the day, it’s just a book.  It may linger in our thoughts for a short spell, but we’re still able to continue about our life.  Observing our inner dialog is much like reading a book.  Noticing what your own book is about is simply observing where your mind takes you.

The Law of Attraction begins as a seed of thought in your mind; a word in your book.  The more attention you give a singular thought, the more magnetic it grows.  Gain seniority over the flow of thoughts, dreams, and inspirations pulsating through your head.  Without any judgment or self-criticism, observe the threads of thought going through your mind.  Where is your plot headed and what patterns do your characters keep repeating?  Is the setting to your liking – from your dreams?

Unlike an actual book, your mind is fluid.  You can change it at any moment.  But before changing your thoughts, you must first be aware of what they are and where they’re going.  Take inventory and just see what you find.

Live Lights On!

Cathy & Gary Hawk