An eddy is a circular movement in water that causes a whirlpool, a swirling effect that impedes movement forward. We often experience eddies as we navigate through the journey that is our lives.  Remember that the energy in an eddy will feel familiar as we repeat patterns and lessons not yet learned. Learning to navigate eddies will help you along your journey as you change and adjust course. Each eddy that appears is a lesson to be learned, so embrace them with gratitude and a new perspective.

  1. Lessons are learned through repeated patterns. When an eddy appears, the opportunity to learn the lesson also appears. Through simple awareness of the pattern, you will have a new opportunity to examine and learn in a new way.
  2. Practice gratitude when an eddy appears. If you are in an eddy, you have not yet learned the lesson that it is trying to teach. Be grateful because this time through the eddy may be the last time you will need to learn this lesson. You now can recognize the pattern, stop the pattern and increase your momentum forward.
  3. As you begin to kick out of the eddy, you will be stronger and wiser for your experience. You will have learned to hold your vision even in the face of adversity.
  4. As you release the patterns that have held you within the eddy, you will find the patterns are no longer of service to you. Recognizing the pattern (discovery) and then shifting your attention (recovery) to your true path will give you freedom to follow your vision.