Along the pathway of living a passionate, lights on existence, doubt may flicker.   It may show up as doubt in oneself, “I don’t think I have the talent to market this business.”   It may project onto clients, “Nobody will want the type of consulting help I offer.”  Doubt may even cause you to reevaluate your passion, “Why in the world did I start this online retail store?”   Doubt is a natural and expected aspect to following your dream.  Luckily, doubt is also easy to navigate through.replica rolex omega replica

Information gives us supports when facing the effects of doubt.  Gathering solid, researched information will cut off the lifeline doubt uses to reach you.  Ask yourself seven questions about your passion and vision.  These questions help you find and ground your vision.  You’ve given so much thought, time, and energy to living your dream, these answers will come easily while giving you peace of mind.  Refocus on your dream and vision.  Then, give thanks to doubt.  Doubt provides a means to solidify your original vision, a way to revisit and renew your vows to yourself and your dream.