Clarity of Thought

Comment on the Forum

Would you like another easy-to-use Clarity tool to keep your thoughts and energy above-the-line? The Clarity Thought Forum can be that tool.

The ultimate purpose of the Clarity of Thought Forum is to raise the vibrational thought energy of every person who participates.

I want this whole focused thought experience to be simple, enjoyable and effective for everyone.  Future messages will not be this long.  Below is an overview of the forum, as well as a focusing strategy I intend to follow.  I expect each of you to design your personal strategy that keeps you engaged with the weekly thought.

Using current Clarity Attention Guide

We will be using the current Guide to pick the above-the-line words.  This may be a different version than some of you have. You can download a copy of the current version here Guide.

Forty-two weeks, forty-two words with easy flow 

My intention is to do this for forty-two weeks. That seems like a lot of weeks to spend on a focusing exercise. On the other hand, I personally want to have my energy effectively focused for the rest of my life; 42 weeks is just the starter kit.  I’m labeling my intention “My Year of Living Positively”.

And, I also intend for this to be an easy tool for all of us. Each week we will focus on one above-the-line word in a column of the Clarity Attention Guide.  We will begin with the second column LEADERS and with the word Honesty.  We will return to the INDIVIDUALS column for the final seven weeks. Since each of the seven words are energetically and behaviorally related to five other words on each horizontal line, there’s plenty of richness to add to each word’s focus.

No matter where or when you might enter this Forum, the word of the week will be exactly the most effective place to begin.

Your participation is the fee. 

Here’s the secret – I’m really doing this for me.  I’ve gained so much awareness from our original seven week focus, I want to keep it going and I want support. This is a perfect example of Sacred Selfishness – get what I need to be fully energized and create space for others to do the same.  I expect each of you to approach this with the same sense of Sacred Selfishness.

The rules to participate in the forum are very simple; actually more like requests than rules:

  1. You set your intention to take a few minutes at least once per day to focus on the word of the week, and think about how to apply it that day.
  2. At the end of the week you go on the Clarity Thought Forum and tell us what you observed from that focus.

That’s it and number one is the most important request. Number two is creating space for others by sharing your experience.

How it will work is very simple:

  1. On Sunday of each week, I will send a brief email introduction and a Forum Link to the word for the week with some thoughts and questions that I will be using to focus myself.  If they work for you great.  If not, this is as much your exercise as mine, do what works for you.
  2. To avoid sending too many emails, I will not send a mid-week reminder. You should be on our weekly newsletter list. When you see the newsletter in your inbox, it can be a word of the week reminder – even if you don’t open and read the brilliant message of the week…
  3. Every week or so, you will go on the forum and leave a message about what you’ve noticed and experienced.  We all energetically benefit from the individual experiences being shared.

Some Ideas for the Discipline for Focused Thought (What has worked for me.)

  1. Add the word to my daily Clarity Check-In. Express it with awareness.
  2. Incorporate it into my daily mantra.
  3. As I fall asleep, focus on the word, and express gratitude for what I observed that day.
  4. As I awake, before I arise, focus on the word and what it means in my life for this coming day.
  5. Set an alarm reminder on my phone three times daily to pause and reflect on the word and how I am-or can be-applying it, at that moment.
  6. Write the word on a piece of paper; carry it in my pocket all week.
  7. Observe/note any synchronous events that energetically connect to the word.
  8. Respond to the questions posed about the word; ponder consciously.
  9. Journal at least once a day about the word and my experience of the word.

I look forward to hearing from each of you on the Clarity Thought Forum about how you are incorporating this into your current meditative or grounding practices.  If you don’t have one, then I trust that the above list is helpful.

Comment on the Forum

Some comments of people who participate in the initial seven week focus:

Cindy – I’ve really enjoyed this process, and have participated happily every week, with some new learnings at every juncture.  An incredibly worthwhile exercise. It was simple, easy, and something I was able to do almost unconsciously, and without any excessive time consumption – how much better does it get when one is trying to grow, change, and find one’s place in the world?

Steven – My experiences the past few weeks with this focus have been rewarding, eye-opening and has helped me be more purposeful in my intentions, actions and accountability to myself.

Maggie – When I worked with the words, I absolutely noticed shifts! I am implementing this practice into daily ritual regardless as I see how powerful it is! It is additionally powerful in that it puts me in the Clarity field and promotes more consistency of ritual for me!

Jennifer – The past seven weeks have been very beneficial for me.  I am definitely experiencing more time above the line and have been much more lit up recently than I have been in a while.

Maureen – I found the last few weeks to be a valuable exercise.  Your weekly email setting up our intention for the week was a great tool to get in the right mind set and also a tool to use to revisit each day to make sure that I was truly focused on the intention.  I also found that focusing on one intention, an intention that I may not have come up with on my own, for seven days allowed me to explore the various dimensions of that intention.

Suzette – I liked the group focus, which inspired my personal focus. I liked the times that you included people’s feedback.  I learned from people’s shares and felt inspired by them.

Jon – I have so enjoyed and benefited from focusing on “above the line” words, thoughts and concepts.  As I have thought about it, it seems that we are not so much focusing on a word as the powerful energy behind all words and thoughts.  This challenge has been a huge blessing for me. I am so grateful for the opportunity to think about these things and focus on “above the line” words.