Like all of you, I’ve had many wonderful experiences in my life. Looking back, I remember them with much fondness and joy. And, here’s the truth – many of these experiences are more vibrant in my memory than when I was experiencing the reality. I wasn’t always fully present to experience that wonderful moment live. 

At the recent Inauguration, President Obama gave us an endearing lesson in being intentionally present to fully appreciate a moment. After all the ceremonies were completed, as he was leaving, he took a personal moment in the midst of everything that was happening around him. He stopped, turned around and spent a moment gazing out at the crowd saying, “I want to take a look one more time. I’m not going to see this again.”  He took this time to be fully present, just for himself, to ground the visual and the emotion of the moment into his memory. 

With all that he was thinking of that day – greeting all the people gathered with him on the grandstand; rehearsing and giving his speech; wondering if he had the impact he wanted; thinking about his responsibilities; knowing that many more scheduled activities were to follow, he stopped, focused and fully took in his moment. 

Now, I’m not saying that the President of the United States has any more on his mind than the rest of us; but if he can be conscious and self aware of his moment, then so can we. 

A friend recently told me that she enjoyed my blogs and requested I write one to give her ideas to refresh her ability to monitor and change her thoughts. She said she had let herself drift away from the daily thought practices that had worked for her in the past. She was feeling a bit blah and wanted some inspiration. Interestingly, she, like the President, is in the middle of living her dream life and is in transition to another exciting part of her big life vision. This message is the first in response to her request. Hopefully, it serves you as well. 

If you want to refresh your thought energy, the first step is to get fully present in the life you are in. Put up signs all over your office, your home, on your refrigerator, the bathroom mirror that say: BE PRESENT TO THE JOY OF THIS MOMENT. Taking time to look around at the life you are enjoying now will warm your heart and renew your passion to connect to the next energizing moment. 

Presently gazing at my own moments,