Focus every day on taking aligned, lights-on action steps toward your vision.

Obviously, achieving an expansive vision requires action.  It is important to remain observant and intentional with the work you do each day.  Be aware and ask: Does this action energize me, enliven me?  Is it an activity that will keep me in flow toward what I want?

With so much going on in your life you can easily get side-tracked and delayed by busy work.  It is important that you create space every day devoted to the next appropriate step forward.

There are likely many action steps that are needed to achieve your vision.  Some of them may not be lights-on for you.  They may need to be done but do they need to be done by you?  So many passionate journeys are derailed when the traveler tries to do everything whether they like the work or not.  Find someone who loves doing the work and let them take care of that for you.  “I will do it even if it kills me.” is not a lights-on approach to aligned action.

If the activity needs to be done and can only be done by you – and it drains your energy – you must find a way to do it or a perspective about it that brings you energy.  How can you make it fun or at least do it with neutral energy?

Aligned action steps are energizing and enlivening.  They continue to foster energy and flow and keep you moving in a lively manner to achieve your vision.