The focus of Clarity’s blog is to provide some thoughtful ideas about how each of us can discover and achieve our destiny. In a past issue, we highlighted the power of holding your own personal energy field in achieving the vision you want for your life. Following is an email message we received from a Clarity client who in following her dream discovered that holding her own energy field has the power to impact peace in the world.

Mony Dojeiji wrote her email message during a conflict in Lebanon. We asked her permission to reprint her message and to give us an update on what has happened since she participated in a Clarity workshop.

“I left the corporate world in August 2000 with no clear direction in my life, but only feeling that my life needed a change. After a providential and powerful encounter with the Clarity team, I found myself embarking on a life journey of peace. That journey led me to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain where I met my husband Alberto. Together we walked from Rome to Jerusalem, on a five thousand kilometer pilgrimage that took thirteen months and that shaped our beliefs about this elusive thing called peace. We are currently writing the story of our experiences and live in the south of Spain with our two-year old daughter.”

Mony’s message:

My dear friends,
I want to thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and words of encouragement. We appreciate them. The family that I have in Lebanon lives in the north, and is thankfully far from the shelling and overall conflict.
This entire situation has really forced me to think about peace, and what it means to me now. I reflected a great deal on our walk to Jerusalem, and the message of peace that we embraced. I had said then that peace is a choice, and that ultimately the power to create peace in our world rests in our moment-by-moment choices for peace. This belief has been challenged and tested many times, and all I can tell you is that I am more convinced than ever that this is the way.

To the Croatian girl who watched her friends being raped in a Bosnian prison, I spoke about the choice to forgive. To the Italian friends of a priest kidnapped and murdered in Peru, I spoke about the choice to love. To the Christians who demonized Muslims, the Israelis who demonized Palestinians, and many more, I spoke about the choice to be open and tolerant. Every time I was turned away while seeking help, I reminded myself about the choice to trust and seek the light in every person I met.

Those same choices remain before us. It’s easy to fall into the drama and emotion of the situation in Lebanon and to allow the images to shape our views of right and wrong, good and bad. It’s difficult to be in a place of non-judgment. These blatant images are pulling me to judge, and to feel angry and vengeful. However, I have learned that by focusing on those feelings, I am feeding them. By placing my energy and attention on the conflict, I’m feeding the conflict. I’m attracting more of what I don’t want. For this, I have stopped watching all television reports. I no longer engage in political discussions, hearsay or speculation. I walk away or change the subject. I am choosing to place my attention, and to use my energy, differently.
And although it’s difficult to do, I’m trying to maintain an emotional distance and see the situation from a higher perspective. I believe that Lebanon, like the rest of the world, is going through a process of tremendous change. This change is for the good of all. This change is bringing about a heightened consciousness for peace and moving all of us towards balance and harmony. It is bringing us all to a point of choice, asking us to choose who we are with respect to conflict. I choose to BE PEACE. I choose to believe in the peoples’ light, not their darkness. I choose to believe that all actions are motivated by ignorance and fear, not by malice or so-called evil.

The greatest lesson I learned from my pilgrimage was that when I change my perspective of the world, the world around me changes. It is a moment by moment, experience by experience CHOICE. That is the work of peace. It is inner work. And it is hard work. It is the work of changing our beliefs, of casting away thoughts of fear and judgment, so that our true light can shine.

That is my greatest wish in writing to you – that you allow this light to shine. My contribution to peace right now is to hold on to the light of peace and love, and radiate it powerfully into the world, and especially into that region. We can all do this – through meditation, prayer, visualization, intention, and many more techniques. By focusing our collective energy on peace, I believe we can create it.

Thank you all for listening. I hope this message resonates with you and compels you to new thought and action. If there’s interest in doing a group meditation, where we all agree to focus our energies at the same time from wherever we are, please let me know and I’ll try to coordinate something that works across continents! Please feel free to distribute this email widely.

With love and light,

Live every day with your lights on!
Cathy Hawk & Gary Hawk