Welcome to Get Clarity™.

Clarity of Thought – Clarity of Vision – Clarity of Conscious Action

Our Name is our work.

SHIFT, to Above the Line Positive Thinking

Using a proprietary visioning and thought changing system developed by our founder, Cathy Hawk, over 20 years ago, we help individuals, leaders and teams get:

  • A riveting focus on a sustainable, effective thought process that drives peak performance.
  • Clarity of purpose, engagement, and empowerment.
  • A refreshed vitality and enthusiasm about life and work

We call it the Get Clarity Thought Changing Operating System

There is a secret to choosing to work with intention, passion and purpose. The secret is to consciously choose thoughts that align all aspects of your work and life with what energizes and enlivens you. It requires having a methodology to keep you intentionally focused and conscious throughout your day. Get Clarity’s System provides a simple – sustainable – easy to use tool kit to SHIFT your thought energy to be more effective.

Get Clarity™ for Individuals:

Do you want to know how to choose the most effective thoughts to:

  • Stay focused on the thoughts and behaviors that keep you energized every day?
  • Know with deep certainty what really lights you up?
  • Create a powerful vision for what’s next and attract it to you?
  • Remove self-judgment and criticism from your life?
  • Have greater mental clarity whenever you want?
  • Develop deeper relationships?

We invite you to participate in one these Get Clarity workshops:

Get Clarity™Code Breakfast Workshop

Get Clarity™for Life and Work Retreat

Get Clarity™ SHIFT to Positive Thinking for Powerful Results

Get Clarity™ in the Workplace:

Do you want to know how to create a team culture where:

  • Team members are engaged and collaborative?
  • Everyone is receptive, accountable and enthusiastic?
  • Everyone is empowered and committed to the common purpose?
  • Organizational values reflect integrity, excellence and empowerment?

We invite you to bring these workshops into your organization:

Get Clarity™ for Teams – SHIFT to Positive Thinking for Positive Results

Get Clarity™ Shared Visioning Retreat

Get Clarity™ in Relationships:

Do you want a relationship that is:

  • Energized and compassionate without drama?
  • Truly a connected and empowered partnership?
  • Always moving to a new level of shared vision and intimacy.

We invite you and your partner to:

Get Clarity™ with Powerful Partnering

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