Finding support and strategically placed people to energize your endeavors is easy when you’re aligned with lights-on principles and above the line attitudes.  Yet, it’s still comforting to have some guidelines when looking around for co-creators.  The following is a check-list of attributes and attitudes you’ll want to be open for in other people.

Energized Presence  When you’re around a helpful co-creator, you’ll feel energized and creative.  These people help maintain your vision and outlook while supporting your journey.

Inquisitive  Helpful co-creators ask authentic questions to get you progressively moving towards your next business move.  They thoughtfully ponder and get you thinking critically and creatively about your goals.  They truly care enough to have a conversation with you and it’s obvious they’re listening.

Supportive Atmosphere  Networking groups are filled with these people.  Betsy Weirsma runs Camp Experience, a network that fosters exceptional support to a wide variety of business women. The give-&-take should look balanced and feel grounded as you invite in co-creators.