Shadow behavior, actions, and thoughts stop growth and progress.  They include fear, anger, doubt, worry, and envy.  Although shadow behavior is with all of us, it is surmountable.  First, we must find where it lies.  Look in the following places to see what you find.

Feeling  The daily check-in is designed to keep you updated on who and where you are. Feelings are a part of this process because they reveal so much.  Know your feelings towards yourself, others, and all that surrounds you.  When you feel a below the line indicator creep in, recognize it as shadow.

Annoyances  You attract what you are and the day to day occurrences reflect it.  What shows up in your life as an annoyance – something that bothers you?  What are your pet peeves?  Likely, there is a matching energy in your personal field.

Hiding  What we keep hidden from others is a big indicator of shadow.  Reflect on what you can’t share with others and give it a good look.  Probably it contains shadow.

The first and biggest step growing forward is looking.  Once you find and recognize your shadow, face it and work through it.  Concentrate and invite in all above the line behaviors, actions, and thoughts you can.  What you put your attention on grows, so why not concentrate on all the good?