puzzle_2After tuning in to what is different, change the focus to nonjudgmental evaluation. The Clarity check-in process asks, “What worked and what didn’t work?”  This question helps focus on your accomplishments with an eye towards discernment. It assists with self-reflection.

Focusing only on facts, this step asks for an honest evaluation of your performance. Giving equal attention to both sides of the effectiveness coin permits a more balanced and informed evaluation.  In other words, celebrate what worked well, but don’t dwell on what didn’t work.  Name them both, then take away the information that will help you be more effective in your business.  Celebrate your initiative and ability to honestly look and reflect.  Now you know and now you can continue down the river.

By asking what worked and what didn’t, you place awareness on effectiveness.  Stay curious and look for information that will make your business practices run more smoothly.