In our new book Get Clarity The Lights-On Guide to Manifesting Success in Life and Work we discuss the story of Carl. Carl is a good example of how resistance can impede growth and slow down reaching the end goal. Noticing resistance immediately can help you bypass hurdles in your journey on the Clarity river.

Carl wanted to expand into two new markets. Every time he moved the projects forward, blocks popped up. Retail location compromises, hiring inadequacies, unenthusiastic community, and sleepless nights were huge parts of this process, yet Carl went through with establishing the two new franchises. He let his business trained monkey mind overrule the resistance that was so apparent. Unfortunately, both of Carl’s franchises continued to struggle and he sold them at a huge loss a year later.

When an action is not meant to be, there are definite signs. Recognizing resistance right away will ultimately assist acceleration. When acceleration is activated and running smoothly, everything runs smoothly.