Honing self-awareness is what this step in the check-in process is all about.  You are mind, body, and spirit – all different distinctions and all looking for separate assessment.  So often we allow one of these parts to speak for all.  In reality, they function on different levels and each have their own purpose.  Yes, they do influence each other, but that’s the point of this question – differentiating influence from ownership and recognizing the source.

Rayla began her first daily check-in process in a fog.  “I was really confused when I got to this question in the check-in protocol,” she says, “I thought they were all one and all interrelated.”  Observing mind, body, and spirit as different considerations, Rayla soon realized the medication she was on caused much of the fog.  “For a year I lived as though my body were weak, my spirit was hibernating, and my mind was dull,” she continues, “then I realized this medication is where it all started.”  Rayla did some research and found alternative options for her medication.  After lowering the dosage gradually, she eventually stopped altogether.  Checking-in with each individual part of her being opened up the communication and understanding.

Now when she does the check-in, “I have an individual talk with mind, body, then spirit.”  Rayla realized the medication affected her mind and influenced her body, but in reality, her body was in great shape.  Taking the time to separate and consider mind, body, and spirit as different aspects help Rayla better assess the situation affecting all parts of her.