Last week, Gary discovered a document he had written over five years ago (BC – Before Clarity or Before Cathy). The document was entitled “My Ideal Scene” and described the vision he had for his life. In re-reading it, he recognized a simple truth about visions – they don’t always show up exactly as they are envisioned. Here is what he noticed.

Some of the details Gary originally envisioned included writing and publishing a novel about an entrepreneur, and spending half of his time writing creatively. He also envisioned doing leadership workshops and speaking to business leaders under an organization he founded. He wrote: “My primary work is writing on the issues I hold in my heart, and conducting workshops in the areas of leadership and self discovery.”

Several times during the past few years, Gary has experienced fear and doubt because his Ideal Scene didn’t seem to be happening. The novel was not written, and the organization he founded has been relegated to a wrinkled folder in the back of his file drawer. The workshops he created didn’t really take off as he had dreamed. During these moments of doubt and self judgment, he was disappointed and unhappy because he hadn’t achieved everything in his vision.

What did show up? For the past two years Gary has spent much of his time co-authoring a book with Cathy (soon to be published); drafting an outline of a book on Clarity principles for leaders; writing newsletters and marketing materials for Clarity International; conducting Clarity workshops and retreats with Cathy; and facilitating several peer groups of business owners who want to grow as leaders.

By looking at what has actually shown up, it is obvious his life and work provide the same joyful energy that he envisioned in his Ideal Scene. He is truly living the life of his vision – a few of the details are different, but the core essence is present.

The true essence of Gary’s vision contained in his original document was: “My primary work is writing on the issues I hold in my heart, and conducting workshops in the areas of leadership and self discovery.” He is doing that every day even though in a quite different manner than he originally dreamed. It is the essence of the vision and the presence of this essence on the daily journey that provides the joy of living a passion driven life.

When visionaries become entwined with the detailed specifics of their dreams, they may overlook when they are actually experiencing the essence of their vision. Doubt and disappointment can cloud the fact they have the true and critical essence of what they wanted.

In the romantic comedy, Under the Tuscan Sun, the heroine purchases a Italian villa and tells the agent “I want a wedding in this house. I want a family in this house.” The movie includes her attempt to bring love and relationship back into her life without apparent success. At the end of the movie, she hosts a wedding for a young friend and his bride and is surrounded by an extended family of neighbors and friends. The realtor says “you got your wish, a wedding here and you wanted there to be family here”. Frances replied “You’re right. I got my wish. I got everything I asked for.” She was living her vision even if her original dream included her own wedding and her own immediate family.***

As humans, we want to know all the details. Many of us expect to receive a perfectly matching picture of our dreams or we feel disappointment. This leaves no room for the Divine to enter and fill in the blanks. What is important is always keeping our energetic lights on, and following the clues of what actually shows up in response to our vision.

Vision Journey Notes:
1. Review your notes (and maps) from past visions and focus on how much of the essence has been realized and is present in your life.
2. Let go of your attachment to any specific detail or picture of how you think it should be.
3. Revel in the joy of what did show up.

In closing, one other aspect of Gary’s original Ideal Scene did show up as written. “I am in a great loving relationship with a woman of character, passion, wit, feminine essence and grace. And the rest of my life is perfect as well.”

***This paragraph was adapted from a film review by Suzette La Plant, a certified Clarity vision and energy coach; or 206.938.1726
Live every day with your lights on!
Cathy Hawk & Gary Hawk