Acceleration towards a successful vision can benefit from the art of release. The ability to let go of old ideas, beliefs, and patterns is immensely helpful to attaining your vision faster.   Although these ideas may have been helpful to us at one time, it’s good to take inventory and realize when they’re outdated.  Sometimes it’s just hard to do though.  Find an artful way to release by considering the following.

Awareness of Change Even if you haven’t acknowledged or identified old belief systems hindering your acceleration, you can invite in awareness.  Set your intention to be open and receptive to new ideas, then look for synchronicity to bring them to you.

Fire It Up Archaic as it sounds, burning written word really does transform. Write a statement of release or intention to change, read it through a few times, then introduce it to flame over a campfire, fireplace, or somewhere safe.  Even if only through symbolism, the fire feels transformative and you’ll feel a shift.

Coaching Business and personal coaches’ jobs are to encourage progression and help you see situations through a different perspective.  Bring a coach on board to help you both see and work through what holds you back.  Be honest about your intention to release that which prevents progress.