Of your three energy fields, busiest by far is the remote or distant field.  It holds all the world’s activities and events, even those you’ve heard nothing about.   We all contribute a bit of ourselves to this distant field and vice versa.  The trick is to affect this remote field more than it affects you.

If you’re wondering how the remote field is influencing you, simply turn on the news.  What percent of the news is above the line and what percent is below the line?  You know the answer without even thinking.  Somehow, devastation, sorrow, scandal, and harm make the headlines at a much higher rate than celebrations, joyfulness, acts of kindness, and laughter.  In the distant field, it’s not so much what is going on in the world as much as how we react to it.   Events merely unravel, our collective emotional response to these events is what fills the planetary field.  What in the national or world news is utmost in your thoughts?  In which news item do you find yourself continually engaged conversationally?  Most importantly, how are your reactions or emotional responses?  It is the feeling surrounding the event that sticks to your personal field more than the actual event.

There are many ways to separate the distant energy field from your personal field.  Limiting the time you spend saturated in news is a great start.  Try taking a one-day news fast.  Substitute relaxing music in lieu of news as background noise.  Or if that’s not feasible, do one internet search for the day’s headlines, rather than having a news program on all day.  Also consider the wavelengths of information as it enters your ears.  Are you listening to sensationalized chatter of DJs with busy commercials in between?  Sound waves produced by sensationalism are choppy and unsettling.  Instead consider listening to commercial free radio with DJs who maintain more even, neutral vocal intonations.

Or even better, take a more proactive approach.  Since the more attention something is given, the larger it grows, give your attention to what you’d like in your personal field.   Gandhi said it best, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  Let’s personalize his statement.  Every morning before you get out of bed, fill in the blank:  “Be The ________ You Wish To See In The World.”  What would you like your day filled with?   Contentment?  Gratitude? Happiness?  Abundance?  Fill in Gandhi’s statement.  “Be the Peace you wish to see in the world.”  You can make it even more personal by saying, “I am the Peace I wish to see in the world.”   Go back to Gandhi’s tailored statement a few times throughout the day knowing your personal field is being affected as well as the remote field.