It may not feel like it sometimes, but you have total control over your personal energy field.  Outside energies constantly poke and prod trying to sell you their ideas, but ultimately with some awareness, you are the master controller of your energy field. Your personal current of energy extends three feet around your body and houses energy, ideas, about your body, mind, emotions, and spirit.  These ideas become bigger every time you think and act on their behalf.  So how can we easily maintain our energy field where we want it without being dragged down by these outside influences?

Concentrate on what you love.  Love subdues any fear that might want to flow through your personal field.  Focus and set the intention to feel good.  Remain above the line in both your thoughts and behavior.

Surround yourself with ease.  Put on classical music or any music that makes you feel calm and peaceful.  Draw yourself a bubble bath.  Go to the spa.  Meet a friend for tea.  Your personal field will grow stronger and belong solely to you.  Surround yourself with the peace and ease you wish to feel inside.

Imagination.  Use your imagination to chase away energies in your field that do not serve your goals and good intentions.  Remember that angry driver who cut you off in traffic?  Imagine a tow truck hooking him up and pulling him out of your mind and therefore, your personal field.  Is your Monkey Mind going haywire?  Put a leash around his collar and escort him out.   Maybe two or more tow trucks are necessary, even a dozen leashes, but the point is, you’re in control.  If something doesn’t fit, tell it to leave.