Humans are impressionable.  Without diligence, we can become prey to the unwanted, negative thinking patterns we call below the line.  Taking an informal poll of news headlines, we find the majority of news worthy items filled with fear, depression, violence, and upheaval.   Add to that your Aunt Ruth who calls with weekly updates on all her physical aches and pains.  Patty in the next office finds fault with everything and everyone, ranting and raving to you throughout the day about it.  Bombardment takes its toll and pulls us away from focusing on what’s important especially when we’re doing our best to stay open to synchronicity.  Training our attention on the good takes practice and a few environmental adjustments.  Refocus your attention to your vision, while you stay tuned into synchronistic clues.  Try fine-tuning some lifestyle practices so you can stay above the line and open to communication.

A Television Fast Although it’s a natural curiosity that keeps us abreast of local and worldly events, special attention to overload is prudent.  Try turning off your television for a few days at a time to get relief from all the death, violence, financial gloom, and angry politics.

Amp Up Nature There’s nothing more serene and calming than a walk through nature.  Camp for a weekend if you’re really adventurous, or plant a garden if you can’t get away.  Even a few simple houseplants place in every room of your home will do wonders for your state of mind.

Meditate Meditation comes in many shapes and sizes.  Traditional mind clearing, ohm chanting floor meditation works for some.  If your mind has a mind of its own and no way it’s going to quiet down, many places now offer guided imaginative techniques allowing your mind to be part of the active meditation.

Peaceful Surroundings Feng Shui took off years ago and its design principles seem to work.  Clear your home and work space of clutter opting for containers and storage devices to keep it organized.  Take out décor that creates confusion or uneasiness, then replace it with items that make you happy.