Think of all the successes your life has come to know, then follow the steps backwards to the beginning.  Likely, you’ll find the path sprinkled with generous amounts of synchronicity.  Coincidence, happenstance, accident, or even mistakes all associate with the unfolding of destiny we call synchronicity.  When reviewed from the end, it’s easy to see how little glitches actually propelled us forward towards our intended vision.  Intentions can be set through vision boards, journaling, verbalizing, or simple repetitive thoughts.  Once intention is in place, we wait for the journey to begin.  Synchronicity supports our journey by communicating helpful next steps.  Sometimes it may seem like a daunting waiting game, where doubt spindles its sticky hands around our dream.  Keeping up the hope and trusting the process is easier said then done.  Doubt clouds our attention to detail keeping synchronistic events out of reach.  Try these tricks to remain steadfast and faithful your vision will blossom to your attention with synchronicity.

Daily Vision Board Homage Go back to the initial hope felt when creating your vision board.  Look at it at least two times a day keeping your intention in the forefront.   Find yourself filled with giddiness as anticipation of the certain synchronistic scavenger hunt begins.  Faith in the process simply means chasing doubt and fear from your mind.

You’re On A Scavenger Hunt Make a game of finding clues that lead you to each step.  Staying in the mental and emotional state of amusement and fun speeds up the process.  Fear and doubt creates stagnation.

Sticky Note Reminders Bathroom mirror, kitchen cabinet, car visor, computer screen, and date books are all prime real estate in which to remind yourself of action statements.  Place encouraging words around the house, car, and workplace to prioritize your vision and keep its strength vibrating.

Intend High Noticing Intention follows the “ask and ye shall receive” rule and there is no limit on how much you can ask for.   Simply intend to notice all synchronistic events as they unfold and you will.  Train your high noticing skills by asking, “What’s different?” often, even if only to yourself.

Setting intention and solidifying it with a vision board is a productive step.  Now, sit back with hope, faith, and trust dancing in your thoughts, then viola, synchronicity appears.  You get what you ask for, but you may have to look for it.