It’s always helpful to use a map or a guide to help you reach your destination.  As with any long journey you undertake, it helps to know what’s up ahead and around the curve.  The same is true for any life journey.

One of the cool things about following a map is that someone has been there before you to highlight the places you will visit on your journey; helping you to understand not only the challenges but also the places that will provide the wisdom to help you move with more flow.  Knowing what’s around the bend and what you need to do to prepare, deepens your power and purpose.

To assist our clients on their journey to a life of peak experiences, we provide the Get Clarity Journey Map.  You can review the map here –

The Get Clarity Journey Map reflects the universal journey towards living a life of peak experiences. Each place on the map provides a critical piece of knowledge or place to focus so you can continue the journey with self reflection, self awareness and an improved sense of direction.

Some of the places on your journey to a vibrant life of peak experiences will include:

Dreaming – Your enthusiasm for what you are beginning will generate the vital energy that will propel you to the next step of your journey. When you allow yourself to dream, and to be truly open to the possibilities for your life, you create a flow of energy throughout your body.
Living in Distinction – Focusing on doing more of what you love and less of what you don’t love.
Sacred Selfishness – To function fully and effectively, you must serve yourself, and your vision, before serving others. Cultivating sacred selfishness is an important part of learning how to hold your own energy field and preserve your vitality.
Choosing Intention – When you are intentional in your thoughts, words, and actions, you send out energy that will attract to you the people, situations, and material support that you need to reach your goal.
Navigating Choice Points – Our choices create our current reality.  Throughout you life journey these choice points require focused attention.
Dealing with Doubt & Worry – Make sure you are looking at all the information through the filter of your vision so that you are always giving it an energetic perspective.
Learning from Recurring Patterns – Recognizing the patterns of thoughts and actions that no longer serve you and releasing them.