SHIFT to Positive Thinking for Powerful Results

Invite Only, Special Presentation

Irvine, CA
November 16, 2018 (Register)
8:00 a.m. to Noon
200 Spectrum Drive
Irvine, CA 82618

Do you sometimes swirl in an eddy of negative thinking, and create the exact opposite result of what you want?

Do you want to know how to choose the most effective thoughts to:

  • Attract what you want?
  • Maintain positive energy when surrounded by negativity?
  • Have greater mental clarity whenever you choose?
  • Fully live your personal power every day?

Develop deeper personal relationships? The Get Clarity® SHIFT program is designed to help you understand and use all the choice points in your life to create your own POSITIVE REALITY– every moment of every day! Join us in Irvine for a special presentation of this workshop.

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Includes Clarity’s Thought Changer Tool Kit: 

  • SHIFT Guidebook to Positive Thinking
  • Clarity® Attention Guide and Balance Sheet
  • Three hours of dedicated to time towards learning these amazing skills for engaging positive thinking into your everyday life!

There is a secret to choosing to work and live with passion and purpose―tune into your own energetic signals and consciously choose thoughts that align all aspects of your life with what energizes you.

When you are deeply enmeshed in the mud of negative thoughts and behaviors, it’s very difficult to know where to shift your thoughts – even if you are conscious of the need to do it.  Clarity’s Thought Changing System provides you a simple, easy to use system to SHIFT your thought energy.  For example: if anxiety is what you are thinking, the system will help you change your thinking to enthusiasm; if you are thinking and feeling scarcity, the system will guide you to thinking abundance.

Join us for this workshop where you will learn to use the Clarity® Attention Guide and Balance Sheet™ to:

  • Avoid the commonly accepted behaviors that actually inhibit everyone’s performance.
  • Create a model of behavior and communication that delivers the vitality you want in your work and life.
  • Activate the deep energy that moves you to peak performance.
  • Energize more powerful relationships in work and life.
  • Stay focused on the thoughts, actions and behaviors that keep you vibrant, energized and on a positive pathway every day.

Since 1994, through intensive retreats and individualized coaching, Clarity International® has guided and inspired people from all walks of life to align their personal purpose with passion, excellence and full expression in the world.

Here are some thoughts from people who have participated in Clarity® progams:

“The Clarity® tools will keep you vitally present and energetically focused on making it happen. Stay above the line! It works!”  George Karl, NBA Coach, Denver

“Clarity® gave me the method to live in the light, staying out of negative self talk.”    Nancy Kern, Author, Denver

“What I learned from participating was how to rebuild my life from the inside out. It has changed everything – the way I view people; the way I see and do business; the way I view success and money; the way I view relationships.” Dave Litchfield, CEO, Everything Good, Inc

The Presenters:

Gary and Cathy Hawk are partners of Clarity International®, a boutique coaching firm specializing in energized workplaces through vision-led business practices and focused actions. Their book, Get Clarity©, The Lights-On Guide to Manifesting Success in Life and Work, is a three time 2012 Finalist book awards winner. The are also authors of SHIFT, A Guidebook to Above-the-Line Positive Thinking.

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