Rapid discovery happens upon recognition of energy that brings you down or drains you.  The sooner you realize lower energies working within your field, the more rapid the discovery.  Observation of personal feelings, thoughts, and emotions brings about awareness.  A honed self-observation system brings about great awareness and therefore more affective rapid discovery.  Pay attention to the following cues when discovering those draining energies.

Monkey Mind  If your mind generates thought after thought containing only fear, worries, doubt, and jitters, you have monkey mind.  It’s a tell tale sign of drainage working in your field.

Shadow Behavior   When you notice yourself falling below the line in your thoughts, actions, and feelings, your shadow is peeking out.  Shadow behavior drains you from accelerating and flowing easily down the river towards your vision.

Lights-Off   Not feeling the enthusiasm?  Your lights have gone out and likely, you’re drained.  Point your awareness towards when and where your lights went out and you’ve mastered rapid discovery.