The brain doesn’t recognize any difference between reality and imagination.  If you close your eyes and imagine eating a hot fudge sundae, your brain responds as if you are.  Perhaps your tummy rumbles or your saliva ducts begin churning or a nice smile comes to your face.  We can put this imagination tool to work for us.

Our magnificent brains house a few glands instrumental in how our reality manifests.  If we roll a thought over in our heads for a length of time, these glands get interested.  The pituitary gland gathers information allowing us to ponder a thought.  Additionally, it secretes hormones, which are then sent to the pineal gland.  The pineal gland amplifies this information making it real on a body level.  Imagining that sundae activates the pituitary gland.  When it communicates with the pineal gland, you may salivate as a result.  You’re not actually eating the delightful sundae, but your brain supported by the pituitary and pineal, sure reacts as if you are.

Knowing the science behind this chain of events can help us understand how the Clarity International process works.  Using lights-on clues, we help clients give the pituitary gland new, exciting information.  The brain is then rewired to accept this new information as fact.  Remember, when studied, the brain waves react the same whether information is reality or imagined.  Your manifestations can come quickly and easily when this system is harnessed and focused.

At Clarity, we ask clients to suspend disbelief and trust the process knowing all of them will achieve a level of success.  Sometimes it’s good to know there’s science behind the method.

Live Lights On!

Cathy & Gary Hawk