Above the line thinking is a cornerstone of Clarity International’s process.  Words are powerful and carry an energetic presence, which is why we bring them to your attention during Clarity workshops.  When clients use above the line vocabulary, they incorporate a different energetic charge into their personal field and make an intended statement about whom they are and where they’re going.  Simply by using a higher megahertz in their wording, they make a brighter and stronger statement.  Without even looking at the Clarity Attention Guide, we can generally tell when a word is positive or negative.  But how do Gary and Cathy find the individual megahertz of each word?  The answer can be found in applied kinesiology or muscle testing.

All matter is composed of energy vibrating at different frequencies.  Muscle testing finds which of these energetic vibrations complement an individual’s body (compatible) and which vibrations work against optimal body functioning (not compatible).  All earthly things can be tested including foods, materials, songs, and even words.   Cathy Hawk spent two years applying kinesiology to all the various words printed in the Clarity Attention Guide.  So when you see frequency numbers next to the lines, know that Cathy personally measured each of these words for their charge.