The holidays are now a few days past.  Did you feel the magic tingle?  We can define the magic of the season in many ways.  Children define it by presents received, retailers defines it by net profits, adults may define it by how many days off work they get, and many have decided snow fall is their way to experiencing magic.  At Clarity we know magic comes from our intentions solidified on a vision board and amplified through above the line surfing.  As we bring in the New Year to wrap up and finalize 2011 festivities, let’s come back to center and remind ourselves how this magic can remain with us well into 2012.

Believe There’s a reason this word is used so much during the holiday season.  The ability to believe is a practiced and honed talent.  The more you do it, the better you get at it.  Believe with all the gusto you can muster then watch as the world opens up for you.

Find Certainty  This is an offshoot of believing.  Certainty puts you in a position of authority over your destiny.  The destiny you have designed and planned.  Certainty says, “I know it,” and provides a powerful shift mentally, intellectually, emotionally, and professionally.

Surround Yourself with Support  This is where co-creators come in so nicely.  People who believe in you and support your vision are worthwhile to keep close.  Your intentions become magnified when others share the vision with you. Business coaches, networking groups, close friends, family, and neighbors as well as those you happen upon the coffee shop are all strategically placed so that you may feel the camaraderie.

Gratitude for Others’ Good Fortunes  Whenever Ben saw a Mercedes Benz on the road with him, he thought to himself, “I’m so happy for you!”  Being in a state of gratitude even on behalf of others speeds up your very own process and allows synchronicity to bring its own brand of magic.  Ben knew this, so whenever he saw his dream car on the street, he felt the gratitude and invited in his own Mercedes.

Holiday magic sure does feel good as it permeates the landscape and infiltrates most of our daily lives.  The good-times-high can last throughout the year.  Just remember, you create it with a mere setting of intention.