Shift your focus and behaviors to having lights-on energy in all that you do.

Living lights-on requires living consciously with self awareness.  You need to be able to ask the questions – Am I lights-on in this situation or with this activity or with this person?  Does it energize me or drain me? If it drains my energy, what’s my strategy to change that?

We all have duties, responsibilities and challenges in our lives that can drain our energy.  Lights-on living requires that we don’t unconsciously slip into a pattern of accepting this energy drain.  In any situation, we continually focus on shifting our energy.  That requires being an objective observer of our own life.

Be an energy detective. Take a 24-hour period, and be aware and observant throughout the day. Gather clues by noting which interactions energize you, and which ones drain you. Pay very close attention to your energy. Ask two questions during every interaction and action:  Am I more alive, more energized, more lights-on?  Am I duller, more drained, more lights-off?

At the end of the 24 hours, make a list of your interactions and actions during that time. Rate them on a scale of 1 to 10 (really lights-off to really lights-on)

Go into action by doing more of the lights-on items on your list. Doing what lights you up will naturally point you in the direction of your vision.