It’s So Exciting to Be Me!

I get a lesson in excitement every morning walking the dogs with Cathy. “What a beautiful Colorado morning.”  “Oh, smell those lilacs.”  “Those orange poppies are gorgeous.”  The noticing changes depending on the weather; however, it is an everyday lesson in positive thinking.  Once in a while I try to be more observant (not my usual grumpy, nothing can excite me until I’ve had my coffee self) and a couple of times I’ve actually commented on the beauty before Cathy. I’m trying to improve this rare occurrence because it is an important focus to learn and adopt.

Quoting Justine Toms of New Dimensions Radio ( “you get what you think”. My 2012 primary focus has been on shifting my negative thoughts to positive on a more moment by moment basis. If I get what I think, I would prefer thinking excitement than exhaustion. I’m not only more effective, it’s just more fun to shift from grumpy to wow, look at the incredible sunrise (notwithstanding my curmudgeon status).

When I’m feeling negative – actually when I’m wallowing in negative thoughts – it can be very difficult to shift my thinking. I’m not new to the change your thoughts rodeo; it’s been a part of my life and work for almost 20 years. However, when I’m wallowing… I know I need to change my thinking but to what? All I can see at the moment is the negative sludge. I need something to shift my focus to; sort of a clarity of thought life preserver. And, here’s the part that requires dedication – I have to reach for the life preserver.

My primary thought changing tool is the Clarity Attention and Choice Point Guide. One of its features is to bring different words together that have a similar energy. When I want to feel excitement, it helps to think about how the other words relate to excitement. I want to increase my dedication to using the tool, so I keep looking for creative ways to stay more aware every day. My latest reminder is the Venn diagram below.

This is the diagram of all the words on the Clarity Guide that relate to excitement.

I start getting excited just looking at this. How can I be more playful right now? What am I most confident about? What time are we going for our morning exercise walk? I’ve heard that 67 is the new 57 so I’m still vital. Do I really need a cup of coffee to be receptive to Cathy’s morning excitement? What’s the one thing I’m working on today that I’m most passionate about?

That didn’t take long and I already feel excitement flowing in my system. Guess I better put this diagram on the front door for tomorrow morning.

Maybe I need to re-evaluate this curmudgeon status thing.

Stay excited to be you!