Whenever two or more people interact, an exchange of information naturally occurs.   Our personal energy fields lean in with curiosity to see what can be found.  Every day we communicate on some level with those around us.  What a great time to check in with yourself and practice self-awareness. What is your contribution to the energy exchange?

Three types of basic energetic exchanges come to play during personal communications; neutral, energizing, and draining.  When we’re neutral, we are able to look at, feel, and respond to others without a ripple in our energy field.  During a draining exchange, a subtle or not so subtle level of aggression may emerge in the form of resistance, conflict, and/or rigidity.  At energizing, we remain curious, authentic, and engaged.

During your next conversation, it may be fun to see where you are.  Does your end of the exchange leave you feeling neutral, energized, or drained?  Pay attention to the words you use, the actions you take, and your own feelings as the interaction progresses.  If the other person’s energy field is draining, are you able to maintain your field at energized?  Stay curious and notice yourself without judgment.  Then smile and say, “That was fun!”

Live Lights On!

Cathy & Gary Hawk