“Stay curious,” Gary often says during the Get Clarity for Life and Work Retreat.  Curiosity is another means of staying present, focused, and observant of what is going on both around and within you.  Taking notice helps you gauge where you fit within your surroundings, which are always energy exchanges.  Central to everything is how your personal energy is reflected during every exchange.  Your personal energy meter is a mental reference point fueled by sensations in your body.  It tells you whether your energy is energized, neutral, or drained.  Ideally, you will feel energized, but when situations are draining, the quicker you can take notice and move beyond, the better it serves your overall purpose and vision.

When it was time to update the Get Clarity process with a new book, we felt it in our personal energy field.  We were enlivened and uplifted by all of the new additions we knew would enhance the reader’s experience with Clarity.  The idea was validated and enforced through the feedback we received in the outer energy fields.  Our clients were excited that we were publishing “Get Clarity 3.0”.  Our editor loved the book.  The feedback from our advisor team was very encouraging.  Support and enthusiasm permeated so much of our world that writing Get Clarity, The Lights-On Guide to Manifesting Success in Life and Work was more an energetic flow than hard work.  It was an expansion of our life purpose, which also happens to be our passion.   Our energetic meters read “energized” and the newest book jelled.

The whole purpose of Get Clarity for Life and Work is empowerment to live an energized, lights-on life.  Using a mental energy meter will help your awareness of what supports your vision and what takes away from it.