Little reminders are always helpful.  We would like to remind you to pay attention to energies in your life that both drain and uplift.   With awareness towards these visitors, you can shift your focus and hone in on only that which supports your vision and goals.


-criticism                 -fear

-doubt                       -worry



-amusement            -enthusiasm

-kindness                 -confidence

-certainty                  -supportive words

As your focus moves in the direction of energizing thoughts, behaviors, and feelings, you still have to contend with others in your near field that may project more of a draining effect.  It’s important to take time for yourself each day so you may recharge your own battery with energizing awareness.  Glance at your vision board, repeat your mantra, and/or imagine what reaching the end of your river feels like.  Look at Clarity’s Above the Line chart to soak up energizing words.   Do what it takes to be energized rather than drained.