face-535774_1280Contribution is the light side of passivity.  Contribution is participating with ideas, actions, and solutions. Passivity is a form of resistance and withholding.

Anyone who acquires more than the usual amount of knowledge concerning a subject is bound to leave it as his contribution to the knowledge of the world. -Liberty Hyde Bailey

But what is more, if we have succeeded in adding to the basic understanding of our universe and ourselves, we will have made a contribution to the totality of human culture.      -Haldan Keffer Hartline

Questions to ask:

  • Where am I contributing today?
  • What lights-on thought or activity energize my contribution?
  • Where can I contribute more effectively?
  • How does enthusiasm, celebration, willingness, modeling, empowering and force relate to contributing?
  • What does contributing feel like energetically? Notice it: experience that feeling.


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