Get Clarity – The Book – Table of Contents


Get Clarity: The Lights-On Guide to Manifesting Success in Life and Work,

you will find:

Table of Contents



Part I Prepare for Departure


Ch One: Understanding Energy

Ch Two: Holding Your Own Energy Field

Ch Three: Looking for Lights-On

Ch Four: Using YourWhole Brain

Part II Set Your Course

Ch Five: Planning Your Journey

Ch Six: Practicing Sacred Selfishness

Ch Seven: Designing Your Vision

Part III Cast Off

Ch Eight: Choosing Intention, Creating Attraction

Ch Nine: Observing Resistance, Shifting Attention

Ch Ten: Navigating Choice Points

Ch Eleven: Launching Your Vision

Part IV Correct Course

Ch Twelve: Cruising through Challenges

Ch Thirteen: Embracing Eddies

Part V Sail Home

Ch Fourteen: Staying in the Present

Ch Fifteen: Refreshing Your Vision

Ch Sixteen: Plunging into Your Destiny

Ch Seventeen: Living Lights-On

Appendix 1—Peer Coaching

Appendix 2—Get Clarity for Leaders


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