What am I grateful for?

Research has shown that people who express gratitude on a frequent basis are more optimistic, feel better about their lives, make more progress towards their goals, and feel higher levels of alertness and energy.
By answering this question each day, you shift your attention to what you do have, not on what you don’t have. That focus allows you to approach your day with more vitality and energy.

What is my intention for today?

What is your intention – one or two sentences that always have an action included. An intention is different from an affirmation. Where an affirmation is a statement – “I am worthy of money” – an intention also involves action. “My intention today is to generate money flow, make six sales calls and have fun doing it.”
Manifesting anything you want in your life begins with setting your intention, then taking action towards it.
Holding your own personal energy field is the most critical step in achieving your destiny. The practice of using a daily ritual and performing a daily check-in will result in your being aware, conscious and focused on your vision.