When you lead with a passionate vision for the future of your business, sharing your vision with your team is critical for success. First, ensure that your vision is clear and connected to your heart. If your vision is not heart connected and concise, it will be impossible to connect with the passion and spirit of your employees.

Once you have Clarity in your own vision, create and inspire a shared vision with each of your employees and incorporate your vision as the leader. Talk about the shared vision often, everyday of possible. Connect the actions of your team to the vision by sharing success stories of how individuals, project teams and the company are delivering products and services that support the common vision.  It’s basic human emotion to want to belong to a community that they believe in and connect with. The ideal employee needs to feel that their work has purpose and makes a difference in the world. By incorporating your entire team into the process, common goals are shared and peak performance will be achieved.

Live lights on!

Gary & Cathy Hawk