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Art Of Visioning – Virtual Camp Experience

Cathy participated in Virtual Camp Experience 2010, a one-of-a-kind retreat designed exclusively for women that are ready for inspiration and transformation. Enjoy this free workshop presentation from Cathy Hawk, Founding Director of Clarity International®, a coaching and training firm that teaches skills for how to see, sense and use energy as a primary life and work strategy.

Cracking the Clarity code clip 1, 2:09 minutes

When you connect your vision to your energy to your purpose, you feel alive – lights-on!

Cracking the Clarity code clip 2, 1:40 minutes

Moving from confusion to clarity using a very simple tool to guide your awareness.

Cracking the Clarity code clip 3, 1:43 minutes

Take action to your dreams by using 4 steps to manifest what you want.

Cracking the Clarity code (full presentation), 26:53 minutes

Crack the code with real clues to move from a cloud of doubt to clarity of vision and action.

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The Leadership Connection clip 1, 2:04 minutes

Everything you do as a leader operates under the umbrella of your vision.

The Leadership Connection clip 2, 1:23 minutes

To discover or refresh your vision, give yourself time to touch your heart where your real energy resides.

The Leadership Connection clip 3, 3:10 minutes

Imagine a workplace where everyone has their lights-on; where the space is created for each person to follow their own bliss.

The Leadership Connection (full presentation), 29 minutes

Stretch your ideas of what it takes to build a great business – it is always impacted by your vision. Run it your way – with your heart connected vision and your own unique expression.

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