Follow a Clear Vision
Every journey is best guided by having a clear vision for what you want to create.

In our work we meet people who have reached a stage of success in their life and are looking for a new vision, a new passion. Others have a vision they are passionate about and yet somehow seem to lose focus on making it happen. And, there are others who feel like they don’t have a clue what they want.

Developing a vision for your life doesn’t have to be complicated. It is merely imagining the ideal work and the ideal life you want. It does require taking time for self reflection and contemplation. What lights you up? What relationships energize you? If you could design you ideal day (and we believe you can) what would you be doing from the time you awaken until you sleep?

A clear vision of any aspect of our lives is nothing more than a collection of what we call lights-on clues of what energizes us. These clues are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that when assembled help us form the bigger, more expansive picture of our vision.

Begin to pay attention to all of the lights-on thoughts, activities and relationships that appear. Keep a list of these clues and they will begin to form a clear vision for all aspects of your life.