SHIFT: A Guidebook to Positive Thinking

A Guidebook to Positive Thinking

SHIFT is a companion piece to Get Clarity® – The Book to help guide you through finding your lights on journey!

You KNOW how important it is to think positively, however, when you are swirling in the eddy of negativity, it is hard enough to keep your head above water, let alone switch to a positive thought. Although you are well acquainted with the “change your thinking, change your life” philosophy, in the moment that you are stuck, it is frustrating! This booklet will serve as a handy guide to remedy that dilemma, and you will enjoy using the tools, especially to choose among the 42 positive words and find one or more favorites. It is refreshing to know that you have a “positive thought life preserver” that is just a nanosecond away.

Clarity’s Thought Changer Tool Kit

To help you stay focused on the thoughts and the actions that keep you living an energized, self-directed life.

The tool kit contains:

SHIFT Guidebook to Positive Thinking

Clarity® Attention Guide and Balance Sheet

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SHIFT is designed to help you understand and use all the choice points in your life to create your own ENERGETIC REALITY. Having the pdf on your phone will help you choose positive thoughts whenever you find yourself thinking negatively. You will SHIFT YOUR THOUGHTS and bring more positive energy into your life.

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