21 Day Gratitude Challenge

Learn How You Can Know True Gratitude and How To Appreciate It In ONLY 21 Days!

Have you ever wondered why you find it hard to be happy?

Studies show that being able to express gratitude can rewire your brain and help make you happier.

The 21 Day Gratitude Challenge will show you how to open your life up and find those little Golden Nuggets that are truly the biggest and best gifts that life has to offer.

What makes this challenge different than any other Gratitude Practice?

 You will be using the Get Clarity Tools

You will be using the Get Clarity Tools

These amazing tools are a culmination of over 25 years of experience that Clarity Founder Cathy Hawk used to create these tools to help you find direction and Clarity in your life. This program is unlike any other gratitude program you have tried in the past.

Learn How to Manage Your 3 Fields

Personal Field

The First 7 Days You Will Focus On  “Your Personal Field”

This is the area about 2 feet out from us. This is the only field that we truly have control over.

The Second 7 Days You Will Focus On “Your Near Field”

You want to think of this as the immediate environment around you. We can influence this field but not directly control it.

Near field
Remote Field

The Final 7 Days You Will Focus On “Your Remote Field”

This is the “Big Picture” or the entire world. We can set our intentions for but we really have ZERO control over this field, but we will show you how to work within this field even though you can’t control it.

In only 21 Days You Will Be Able To Grow And Find Happiness You Never Thought Possible.

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21 Day Gratitude

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