Nutritional Products for the Mind Body Connection

Clarity-Well-GuyFor over twenty years Clarity International® has supported the nourishment of the mind, body, and spirit connection. The Get Clarity Operating System™ helps you monitor and shift to more effective thoughts and enlivened action, enhancing your body’s serotonin/oxytocin and reducing adrenaline/cortisol. Monitor your thoughts to bring in more endorphins, less cortisol into your day and your life works better.

However, it’s easier to monitor and shift your thoughts

when your body is working with you.

Your internal biological clock, called the circadian rhythm, helps your body adapt to the daily cycle of day and night. We know that there are different hormonal fluctuations that our bodies adapt to throughout the day. If you embrace them, work with them, supplement and support them in the right way, you can thrive all day.

Clarity found a family of nutritional products designed by Well and Company™ that help activate your mind/body connection; food based products that are designed to physically combat the effects of cortisol/adrenaline as a way to support positive, effective thought energy in your bodies. Well & Company™ formulated a suite of products to help you pro-actively work with these hormonal rhythms.


The scientifically-based, patented Wake Well™ formula allows you to enhance your own powerful biochemistry and give you the energy, focus and mood improvement to jumpstart your day.*


The Revive Well™ chews keep you out of the afternoon slump. A combination of superfoods and flavonoids aligns with your powerful biochemistry to help you re-energize and focus to thrive on through the afternoon.*



The Rest Well™ formula works with your biochemistry and supports a more restful sleep by helping you relax and unwind so you fall asleep or get back to sleep more easily. Finish the day inspired & relaxed and wake rested and restored.*



Indulge WellA SMART SNACK for your daily, healthy chocolate fix. Indulge Well™Chocolate. Antioxidant Enhanced Chocolate. This proprietary blend of dark chocolate satisfies your cravings, boosts your mood, supports your metabolism, limits cortisol production AND is good for your heart!



* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.–

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